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Mariano Barreiro
Piano instructor 
​​Mariano Barreiro is an award-winning pianist, composer, conductor, and educator. He has extensively studied classical music and has a master degree in piano performance and Tango in the National Conservatory of Music of Buenos Aires, Argentina. 

A dedicated teacher, Mariano has worked for 15 years with students of all ages in schools, academies and conservatories. Mariano has extensive experience with children and has had extensive studies in musical pedagogy. He is a committed teacher and works conscientiously to develop in children the artistic layers necessary to learn music.

Mariano is one of the leading jazz-tango pianists in the new generation. Having performed and recorded with some of the best tango musicians in the world, including Horacio Romo (Leopoldo Federico), Pablo Agri (Astor Piazzolla), Horacio Cabarcos (Anibal Troilo), and more. Mariano has performed concerts for Tango Festivals around the world, including highlights at the International Tango Festival of Tallinn Finland, Festival of the Five Continents in Switzerland, Tangopostale Festival in France, and many other in US.